Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Power is What. The Potential is How.

"Pages create their content." - Keith Smith, Non-Adhesive Binding Volume I

The book creates a new staging area for dioramas. Each page has the power of 'what' and the potential of 'how.'  The empty page represents the height of anxiety. It contains the wonder and paralyzing fear of "What to do?" It holds a power over us. Artists of all kind fret over that exact idea "What do I do next?"

Recently I took out my first bound book. It is in a long format with rag paper. The edges are deckled with the signatures sewn with matching thread. It hides perfectly so that the pages never seem to be apart from each other. The outside is a maroon book cloth, nothing fancy but has a nice finish, of course with matching head banding. It is held together with Archival glue and red banana leaf paper.

This object represented my first real departure from photographic techniques. It was a finished object of my obsession. This was to be my step back to sketching before shooting and returning to my real roots of my own process. I held on to it till the perfect time.

I bound that book in 2008. I only recently took it out to actually use. The object became fetishzied to me. This object was perfect (even though it is not) and had to only contain the perfect ideas (which I have non). The point of a book is to be used. The pages must be allowed to dictate their content.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


"Bottom line, I've never felt the need to soapbox-pontificate in order
to justify my pics.  Our job is to make them, period, and all the rest
of it is, too often, a load of pretentious shit."
_Bob Kozma

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

losing the lens

I'm starting to feel a bit discouraged by the lens.

I have become more obsessed over making of the sets than making the final capture. The physicality of the cut and paste really feels right. But at what time does the diorama become art and not craft, yes I do distinguish between the two. Not necessarily in a negative way.

The idea of the diorama is even more what I teach then the traditional photograph. That art work is no longer found but produced. The diorama engages the audience in a real way and can be structured to a fix the limited fixed view or allow for the observer to see in the round.
The work I have been creating has been a mixed bag.

Looking back I wish I went with my gut and stuck to boxes. As much as I am proud of the work I feel it could have possibly been better. Recent works had to be 2d, they couldn’t exists in real or contained space. Or at least not in the way which would have suited the material. Looking forward I’m returning to the box to see what it can do.

I really love looking at Arthur Tress and the Duo Walter martin and Paloma Munoz. Each of their images has multiple associations and real cognitive experiences. They work and balance between the object in the round, vs. the fixed view to the 2d production. Each becomes not a nitch way to drag out the body of work but each becomes its own series and their own devices.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Authenticity of the Material

What is it about the authenticity of material that keeps me land locked? In working with a medium that is all about tricks, tape and tucks why can’t I just fake the funk to get the image. But yet there I sit staring at re-appropriated images trying to discern what fits where and how.

I guess it boils down to processes. Everyone has one. Everyone wants to abide by one. Everyone sometimes gets hampered down by one. Going through the stacks is part of the research. It is my trench through the American west to find El Capitan.

I always thought I would be the guy hitting the road to find the next great spot. But I quickly felt that a lot of photography has moved past that. Not everything has been photographed but I still do feel that the “prosumer” has freed photographers from the outside world. We need to turn inward like painters did back in the mid 1800’s and create from somewhere not already in existence. The pictures have been found. Now let’s make some art.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I really dig what greg is doing with his recent project. this idea and these worrksspeaktoth kind of separation and loss that happens at the end of a relationship. in a way there is a bit of a "f you" you can be replaced but I really more feel that this is about that disconect that happens when anything familiar and great ends. what happens after? there's almost the stanges of death. bargining, fighting, depression but in any process is acceptance. This person was in my life. and none one could have really been the person for that siuation. at least that's my first read. I dig it, people also should.

Monday, September 12, 2011

from "Other Worldly"

Dioramas and models offer virtually limitless possabilities of recasting the world. Filled with hidden spaces, private realms and public specticals. They portray the world with an unsual intimacy. They are day dreams on an itimate scale; condensing and distiling and emotional atmosphere.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Coming back strong

Summer is over and I promise to post some new stuff up soon. If anyone still reads this or ever has
Things that i have been thinking about:
  1. narrative
  2. pop up books
  3. freedom of the lens
  4. Eastman's black box and zieses cold eye
  5. materials and their meaning, why are news papers so flimsy, it isn't cheap to publish any more
  6. Understanding the construction, is that important
  7. artist statement.. i haz none...
  8. stepping up the job search
  9. Stepping up the posting.
  10. Mobile blogging. Has been keeping me looking at colors. Problem is mostly on the train and then i forget to post when I get home. Mobile blog fail. See my profile for my mobile randomness of color and patterns
  11. collaborations? how do i do these? its hard when your a control freak in your art
  12. who cares? meh
  13. just to make it thirteen cause i like that number
  14. ok so 14 is cool too cause i have been thinking about dektol and oriental paper....hhmmmmmm silvery deliciousness.
Things that have happened:
Exhibition lab was great. if you haven't looked into it. google and check it out.
Opening was packed for the 100 degrees it was and people were pyched for the work. Need to follow up on a few things from that. and get more of these pieces up on my official site.
Work came back from Tokyo. Still in great condition. Was so happy to work with Project Bash show and that crew.
Having the idea to curate a show. I wish i knew how to get space but i guess you get space by trying to get space. we shall see and hopefully i can get some of the people I look to for inspiration some exposure. Looking to stay Brooklyn local, maybe contact gowance for some time there. it seemed reasonable and is still supporting local artist.
That's all for now, if you read this.... comment and let me know.